Tidy and Salt v1.1.2 [Paid]


Tidy and Salt v1.1.2 [Paid]

Prerequisites: 4.4 and up

Review: Dust and Salt is a content based story enterprise with a squeeze of turn-based strategic fights which has you as the fundamental saint driving your troops in a dirty, low-control, medieval dreamland.

At the point when his dad is killed and his town consumed to the ground, a youthful warrior swears retaliation. He needs to pick between power or strategy to manufacture new organizations together and repress his foes. Will he dispose of the oppressors of this world or turn into an oppressor himself?

The diversion comprises of a story message, a world guide, and a strategic battle layer. On the world guide you can go to various areas. The story content forms around the consistent decisions you make. When you take part in fight the amusement will change to a strategic guide where the genuine battling happens as turn-based battle. Appreciate the clear compositions by the plume of the creator Sycamore Bright.


* Story is best. Rich, non-direct story that helps to remember D&D with a “pizazz of fight”. We’d portray it as a pick your-own-experience book that meets a RPG.

* Tactical battles. This isn’t checkers, this is a grown-up battle reproduction. Send your light-heavily clad infantry, the Nameless Wolves, through the forested areas into the back of the foe while your protected, pound using Nameless Bears slow down the foe assault.

* Decisions matter. The account branches in light of your decisions. Your activities characterize and shape the world you encounter.

* Character advancement. Are your choices dark, white or dim? Will they prompt a superior future for the Sin Lands or will you transform into a usurper?

* Memorable identities. Confront the guile Lords of the Sin Lands in elegantly composed intelligent discoursed.

* Art that gives more life to the entire story. Zoom-in on the world guide and experience the detail of the aesthetic work.

* You don’t pick digest abilities. Rather the decisions you make toward the start of the amusement characterize what capacities your character will learn.

* Featuring an exquisite Nordic soundtrack by acclaimed craftsman Mike Olsen a.k.a. Danheim.

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